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Crius Indoor High Definition LED Display

The Crius indoor high definition LED display is the latest LED screen product independently developed by QSTECH in 2012. The 76inch LED panel is protected with tapered glass, and its pixel pitch reaches up to 2.5mm.

As a digital poster that has numerous advantages, this product can provide the audience with a great visual experience at short distance. It can be used extensively for dissemination of advertising information in cinemas, airports, stations, shopping malls and other places. Also, the street furniture LED display can be applied in indoor or semi-outdoor environments that call for no rain but high brightness.

Characteristics of the Street Furniture LED Display
1. The indoor LED screen is characterized by high refresh rate, high brightness of 1800cd/m2, and high contrast ratio of over 5000 to 1. It allows videos to be placed clearly without any delay phenomenon, so it can better attract the audience nearby.
2. Its surface is protected with tapered glass, which can dramatically improve its rust resistance.
3. The adoption of 16-bit grayscale can meet the need for playing high-definition and high-quality videos.
4. The street furniture LED display enables wired, 3G, and Wifi network connection.
5. Videos, pictures and texts can be released by customers through networking.
6. The cabinet of the product is highly resistant to moisture and corrosion. It can be used in high-humidity and high-salinity air environments at the beach.
7. Low noise, low power consumption, energy reduction, and environmental protection
8. Both horizontal and vertical viewing angles reach 160 degrees so as to guarantee a broad range of visual effects.
9. Modular design and convenient maintenance
10. Unique cabinet design meets the requirement for a quiet environment.
11. This street furniture LED display can continuously work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can meet the needs for use in different places.
12. Its service life can reach up to 70,000 hours.

Easy Remote Control
The B/S framework network management mode enables clients to use a browser to access a server in the network terminal anywhere at any time. During this period, there is no need to install any software. Remote switching can be automatically or manually controlled by customers. The content to be displayed can be remotely monitored and updated. Additionally, both public welfare information and emergency information can be published in real time.

Operation Safety
1. Class A Safety Protection
The number of visitors can be restricted by setting the permissions of users.

2. Class B Safety Protection
Classification management information is edited, checked, and then released.

3. Class C Safety Protection
Programs will not be released until it is approved by the person in charge.

4. Class D Safety Protection
Data files are encrypted through a server to form special formats of NDS8000 system. Then, they are transmitted to different terminals so as to be classified and managed by different users.

Easy to Use
1. This street furniture LED display can be used once being plugged in.
2. Its cabinet is designed with removable rings, which gives much convenience for being hoisted and transported by a forklift.
3. The cabinet with rollers allows the HD LED advertising screen to be shifted easily.

Strong Expansibility
1. The street furniture LED display supports the endless expansion of the terminals of different specifications in distinct regions.
2. Audio output port is reserved.
3. The second development for users is supported.
4. This street furniture LED display also offers support for custom weather, stock, and RSS feed display.

As a high brightness LED billboard, the product is ideal for advertising in various places including airports, wharves, stations, theaters, restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, and more.

Technical Data of the Street Furniture LED Display
Model Crius HD 2.5 Crius HD 3
Pixel Pitch 2.5 3
Brightness 1200 1200
Brightness Adjustment 0-100% 0-100%
LED Type 3-in-1 SMD 3-in-1 SMD
Pixel Density 160000 111111
Viewing angle (@50% brightness) H160°/V160° H160°/V160°
Optimized Viewing Distance ≥2.5m ≥3m
Module Size in Pixel Pitch (W×H) 96×96 80×80
Module Size in mm (W×H) 240×240 240×240
Panel Size in Pixel Pitch (W×H) 384×672/480×768/576×960 320×560/400×640/480×800
Panel size in mm (W×H) 960×1680/1200×1920/1440×2400 960×1680/1200×1920/1440×2400
Weight/Panel (kg) 160/210/290 160/210/290
Cabinet Material Steel/Aluminum Steel/Aluminum
Refresh Rate 420-3360Hz 420-3360Hz
Frame Frequency 60Hz 60Hz
Processing 16bit 16bit
Drive Mode 1/16 1/16
IP Rating IP40/IP40 IP40/IP40
Maintenance Rear Rear
Lifetime 100000 hours 100000 hours
Power Supply AC85-264V AC85-264V
Average Power Consumption 400W/panel 520W/panel
Max. Power Consumption 950W/panel 1300W/panel
Working Temperature -10~+50°C -10~+50°C
Input Interface RJ45/100m internet/USB 2.0 RJ45/100m internet/USB 2.0
Media Format Video/Picture/Text
Comparison between LED Screen Panel and LCD Screen Panel
LED Screen Panel LCD Screen Panel
Size 1. The street furniture LED display is mainly applicable to at least 70 inches of modular assembly.
2. Custom size is available.
3. The larger the size, the more obvious the advantage will be.
1. Mostly lower than 70 inches
2. Its size is restricted by LCD panel technique.
3. The larger the size, the higher the cost will be.
Brightness Its typical brightness is 1200cd/m2, much higher than that of LCD panel. Typical brightness of 450cd/m2
Power Consumption 1. The LED screen panel consumes the highest power when all-white image is displayed at the highest brightness.
2. LEDs are actually turned on and off alternatively.
3. The average power consumption is approximately 35% of the maximum power consumption.
4. The street furniture LED display is more energy-saving than the LCD panel.
1. The backlight board is often lighted in work. The maximum power consumption is identical to average power consumption.
2. The average power consumption of the LCD screen panel is much higher than that of the street furniture LED display.
Heating Value Low Relatively high
Dynamic Image 1. The response time reaches 30ns.
2. The phenomenon of smearing does not occur.
1. The response time is 4ms.
2. The phenomenon of smearing occurs.
Color Cast Phenomenon 1. The color cast phenomenon is not found.
2. By adoption of single-point calibration technology, all pixels of the whole screen could be highly consistent.
Affected by the light source of a backlight board, brightness between center and four corners of the panel are obviously different.
Burns 1. Fixed images are displayed at fixed position. The pixels often lighted may be attenuated faster, accompanied with slight burns.
2. Burns caused by the street furniture LED display are much less serious than those caused by the LCD panel.
3. The screen can be restored by single point calibration technique after being burnt.
1. Fixed images are displayed at fixed position.
2. The screen may be burnt and cause irreparable damage.
Resolution Affected by the pixel pitch of LEDs, the resolution of the LED panel is lower than that of the LCD panel. Full high definition is available.
Optimum Viewing Distance 1. Its best viewing distance is usually 3 to 7 times as long as the diagonal size of the screen.
2. Allowing for its larger size, its best viewing distance is longer than that of the LCD screen panel.
Its best viewing distance is shorter than that of the street furniture LED display.
Short-Distance Viewing Effect Low resolution and poor effect Ultra high resolution and good display effect
Long-Distance Viewing Effect Large display area, wide radiation range, and superb viewing effect 1. Due to limited visual capacity, full HD resolution for long-distance viewing can not be recognized.
2. Small display area leads to poor viewing effect.
Applications High brightness enables the street furniture LED display to be used in indoor or semi-outdoor environments that call for no rain but high brightness. The LCD panel is only applicable to low-brightness indoor environments.
Service Life Over 70,000 hours, higher than LCD screen panel 60,000 hours
Operating Temperature The operating temperature ranges from -10℃ to 45℃. 1. The LCD panel usually works at a temperature range from zero to 40 degrees Celsius.
2. Working out of the predetermined temperature range for a long time may cause irreparable damage to tiles.
3. Specifically, it will change the chemical property of fluid permanently.
Maintenance Cost If the display panel is damaged, its tile can be replaced individually or its chip can be maintained. Ultra-low cost is required. The display panel damaged needs to be completely replaced, and it costs too much.
Poster Size

Overall Dimension
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Installation Method
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