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Crius Street Furniture LED Display

Crius street furniture LED display offers a highly integrated all-in-one solution for outdoor applications with very tight pixel pitch. Its water-proof stainless steel cabinet with automatic ventilation system makes the street furniture display adapt itself to various working environments. Strong security glass on both sides provides it good scratch resistance.

The front side of this outdoor advertising facility is a full color LED display and its back side is a light box with backlight support. There are independent time switches for the display and light box. With high-brightness LEDs, our street furniture LED display is able to give more than 5000 nits brightness to accommodate many outdoor applications. The display panels inside the display equipment can be horizontally pulled out along a track for debugging and maintenance.

1. All-In-One Solution
a. Power supply, IPC and cables are installed inside the cabinet.
b. This street furniture LED display needs no external devices and is easy to achieve on-site installation with only a basement needed.

2. High Performance and Energy Saving
a. Our fixed installation LED display is equipped with an efficient and certified power supply made by Mean Well Company and a brightness sensor which can help adjust the brightness of the display according to the environment.
b. This outdoor LED display also has an automatic ventilation system with ventilation holes at sides and a cabinet fan with thermostat that guarantees the display only works when the temperature is above 45℃.

3. Reliable and Solid Structure
a. Stainless steel enclosure: Stainless steel enclosure enables the street furniture LED display to resist common external force.
b. Organic glass: Made of organic glass, our product is water-proof.
c. Cabinet keys: Cabinet keys guarantee all the components are safe in the cabinet.
d. "GE" anti-fire and anti-deformation louvers: "GE" anti-fire and anti-deformation louvers are used in our street advertising screen.

4. Cost-Effective
a. Our product is a quality display which saves after-sales cost and time. It adopts fashionable and creative design so that it can attract more people.
b. Featuring easy installation, our street furniture LED display makes advertising possible anywhere as long as there is a basement.
c. With a light box as support, the dynamic LED display interacts with static posters.

5. Flexible Management
a. Wireless publishing: Embedded with wireless communication module inside, our street furniture LED display is able to achieve wireless information publishing.
b. Real-time control: The real-time control system allows you to update various displays at the same time.
c. Easy on-site updating: Through USB publishing, this outdoor screen can realize on-site updating easily.
d. Unattended operation: Our outdoor LED advertising equipment is able to work continuously all day and night for 7 days a week, and can automatic turn on or off.

Specifications of Street Furniture LED Display
Model Crius 5 Crius 6
Pixel Pitch 5 6
Brightness 5000 (nits) 5500
LED Type 3-in-1 SMD 3-in-1 SMD
Pixel Density 40000 27777
Viewing Angle (@50% Brightness) H120°/V120° H120°/V120°
Optimized Viewing Distance 5m~75m 6m~90m
Module Size in mm (W×H) 32×32 32×16
Panel Size in pixel pitch (W×H) 256×288 224×240
Panel Size in mm (W×H) 160×160 192×96
Weight/panel (kg) 280kg/350kg 280kg/350kg
Cabinet Material Steel/aluminum Steel/aluminum
Refresh Rate 980-2880Hz 980-2880Hz
Processing 14 bit Nova PBOX 100 System 14 bit Nova PBOX 100 System
Drive Mode 1/8 Multiplex 1/4 Multiplex
IP Rating IP65/IP65 IP65/IP65
Maintenance Side Side
Service Life 70, hours 70, hours
Average Power Consumption 0.85W/Screen 0.9W/Screen
Content Publish and Management USB 2.0 and Internet USB 2.0 and Internet
Video Format AVI, MPG, WMV AVI, MPG, WMV

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