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Artemis Plus Indoor Rental LED Display

1. The Artemis Plus indoor rental LED display is available in optional specification including P2.5, P3, P5, P6 and P10. It adopts a die-cast aluminum cabinet, featuring light weight and high strength. This product is a rental LED screen for exhibition, stage and wedding.
2. Quick self-connection technology adopted by the indoor rental LED display is a mature patented technology of QSTECH. It effectively solves the problem of insufficient installation space and uneasily-maintained cabinet.
3. Exquisite design and lightweight body enable the stage rental LED screen to be conveniently transported and maintained. Also, this indoor rental LED display helps effectively save labor costs and improve the working efficiency.
4. The adoption of Gigabit Ethernet and redundant control technology allows the usability and stability of the wedding rental LED panel to be improved at an unprecedented rate.

Technical Parameters of the Indoor Rental LED Display
Model Artemis Plus 2.5 I Artemis Plus 3 I Artemis Plus 5 I
Pixel Pitch 2.5 3 5
Brightness 1500 1500 1500
LED Type 3-in-1 SMD 3-in-1 SMD 3-in-1 SMD
Pixel Density 160000 111111 40000
Viewing angle (@50% brightness) H120°/V120° H120°/V120° H140°/V140°
Optimized Viewing Distance ≥2.5m ≥3m ≥5m
Module Size in Pixel Pitch (W×H) 96×96 80×80 48×48
Module Size in mm (W×H) 240×240 240×240 240×240
Panel Size in Pixel Pitch (W×H) 192×192 160×160 96×96
Panel size in mm (W×H) 480×480 480×480 480×480
Weight/Panel (kg) 9.76kg 9.76kg 9.80kg
Refresh Rate 800~4800Hz 800~4800Hz 800~4800Hz
Processing 16bit 16bit 16bit
Drive Mode 1/16 1/16 1/16, 1/8
IP Rating IP30 front/IP30 rear IP30 front/IP30 rear IP30 front/IP30 rear
Maintenance Rear Rear Rear
Average Power Consumption 74W/panel 74W/panel 20W/panel
Max. Power Consumption 186W/panel 186W/panel 216W/panel
Max. Hanging 15 rows 15 rows 15 rows

Installation Method
English Version of System Block Diagram

Product Applications
Indoor Full Color LED Signs in Century Ginwa Shopping Mall, Xi'an High-tech Zone

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